New UK Betting Tax Laws

As you may already know, the UK government has implemented new laws involving taxes on betting activities which comes into effect from 1st December 2014.

The new regulations impact all operators who provide betting and gaming services to customers in the UK.

As a result of this change, Winner Affiliates will begin to automatically deduct the applicable Gambling Taxes from the net revenue calculation for affiliates’ UK-based traffic beginning 1st December 2014.

For further information about the regulations please contact your affiliate manager.

We thank you for your continued partnership with Winner Affiliates.

Use Heading Tags To Make Your Content SEO-friendly

Headings are meant to grab the reader’s attention. Think of them as newspaper headlines, mean to stand out among a sea of text. In the case of the internet, you’ll want to grab the search engine’s attention first and foremost.

There are several divisions of headings and search engines read them all in a specific way. Let’s start with the <h1> heading. This is the main topic of your page. It is the most prominent, should be featured at the top of your page, and detail explicitly what a visitor should expect to find in the content below.

For example, a review page about Winner Casino, including the keywords “Winner Casino Review” in your <h1> is a must for quality results. Keep in mind you can have only one <h1>.

Beyond the <h1> all following headings are considered sub-headings and can be used to accent specific sections of the text within a page. To keep your content SEO-friendly, keep the hierarchy of headings intact throughout the page. This means you should avoid following an <h1> heading with an <h4> sub-heading.

Some things to consider when implementing header tags:

• Keep the text relevant, search engines continually check header tags’ relevancy to the content it precedes.

• Keep your content consistent. If you write about a new casino bonus, be sure your keywords are consistent with the content in your article.

• Organization is key. Use headers to separate information and label content in a relevant way. Not only will this improve your site’s quality in the eyes of search engines, but your users will appreciate the ease of navigation.

If your <h#> tags are too large, too small or in a style you feel is inconsistent with your theme, they can all be changed using CSS or html style tags. Play around with things and see just how much this little touch can improve your performance.

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Why NetHive

Welcome to NetHive

The NetHive Affiliate Program is a leading international promoter of online gaming. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to provide casino, poker, bingo and sports betting affiliates with the highest standards of service, quality and innovation.

Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial business model – when our affiliates succeed, we succeed. This philosophy is our guiding principle and we are committed to our affiliates’ success every step of the way. To that end, we employ a full staff of personal, dedicated account managers who offer proven strategies for promoting our gaming products.

Our international customer service team is available 24/7, to answer questions and retain players with the latest promotional offers and high-profile live tournaments from across the world.

We invite you to register today and join the thousands who have already chosen NetHive as preferred affiliate program.

Official Sponsorships

NetHive brands reach a wider audience every day thanks our official sponsorships, media campaigns and TV ads that have made our promoted brands a household name in the UK and across Europe. Supporting dozens of languages, we offer players what they want in a language they can understand.

Established Land-based Brands

NetHive partners with some of the biggest international brands giving our affiliate an advantage working with household names. One of our partners is Mexican giant Caliente who has a chain of casinos and sportsbooks all across mexico.

Our Team in Action

For those of you who have visited one of our booths in recent years, you know that we always make sure to generate a lot of excitement.

Mark your calendars for the next conference. We hope to see you there!

Why You Should Join Us

  • Full House of Producs

    Our complete library of gaming products cover a phenomenal range. From poker and casino to sports betting, our niches appeal to players’ liking.

  • Relentless Retention

    We employ several strategies, including directed marketing campaigns, personalized bonus offers and hosting special events to keep players involved and enjoying our products, thereby boosting retention and adding value.

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

    Continually extending our reach with cross-platform integration and new approaches to user experience be it online, on mobile, or beyond, we offer gaming options for customers on every platform.

  • Optimized Marketing Tools

    Boost conversions consistently with our selection of top-notch marketing tools. Draw in more players and secure deposits with these direct and attractive dynamic banners, customized landing pages and mailer templates.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Our affiliate toolbox offers the most comprehensive and detailed in-depth analysis of your performance. Find out just where you’re succeeding and falling short with real-time stats and responsive reporting.

  • Multilingual Support

    By supporting our products in dozens of languages we reach a wider audience every day, offering players what they want in a language they understand while making sure nothing gets lost in translation.

  • Iressistable Promo Offers

    Our novel and unique approaches to rewarding players with powerful promotions makes us a focal point for new and returning customers looking to get more out of their play.

  • Household Names

    Whether you’ve seen us on Televisions across the UK or spotted one of our gaming convention flash mobs, Winner and Caliente are brands recognized far and wide.


Your Questions Answered

What separates NetHive Affiliates from other gaming affiliate programs?

Although online gaming is a billion dollar industry, it is also a relatively young one. Rarely will you find a gaming affiliate program that possesses the level of collective professional experience that our team has. Additionally, NetHive Affiliates offers competitive commission rates and top converting cross-platform brands that include Casino and Poker.

What does it mean to be an affiliate?

As a NetHive affiliate, we equip you with all the resources and marketing tools to promote and advertise our Casino and Poker clients, then share the profits from the revenue you generate as our partner. A personal affiliate manager will be assigned to you. This person is trained to understand the specific needs of your geographical market and can help you maximize profits.

How do I earn income off the players that I refer?

For every monetary wager that is made by a casino player you have referred, you earn a percentage of the wagers lost. For poker, you earn a percentage of the rake generated by the player.

How do I begin promoting NetHive brands?

Simply log in to your NetHive Affiliates account and select “Marketing Tools.” You will find all of the marketing materials clearly labeled and user-friendly. If there is something you want but can’t find, contact your affiliate manager directly.

Can I promote more than one gaming platform?

When you join NetHive Affiliates you have the freedom to promote all of our platforms, including: Casino and Poker. We encourage you to promote as many as you like! The more you promote the more you can earn.

Can I earn income from affiliates that I’ve referred to the program?

Yes. All affiliates who sign up to NetHive Affiliates using your Salesman Code via our 3 Tier Program, will automatically become your sub-affiliates. You will be paid according to our 3 Tier Program for all revenue these affiliates generate.

Are there any fees associated with joining NetHive Affiliates?

Absolutely not. It is free to sign up, free to promote and free to use our standard promotional materials.

I have several websites, do I need to open a different account for each one?

No. NetHive Affiliates provides you with tracking links for as many websites as you require without having to set up separate accounts.

I don’t have a website. Can I still open an account?

Yes. Offline advertising is an integral and lucrative part of the gaming industry. NetHive Affiliates will partner with you to design marketing materials that target your desired demographic. Contact your affiliate manager to learn more about opportunities in offline advertising.

I understand that online gambling is illegal in the United States. Can I still open an account?

Yes. Although our clients do not accept U.S. based players (in accordance with U.S. law), it is still completely legal for you to advertise our brands. The demand is high in Europe and other growing markets throughout the world and we are confident that you can find a profitable market outside of the United States. To help you get started, we can facilitate the translation of your websites, as well as provide you with the marketing materials and insights needed to crack open other lucrative markets.

Are there any advertising restrictions associated with NetHive’s downloadable clients?

All advertising methods that fall under the “scum-ware” category are strictly forbidden. This includes software such as: Gator, When U and others. Use of these methods will warrant any offender immediate dismissal from our program and confiscation of revenues (to be split among our current affiliate partners.) We also reserve the right to take legal action. NetHive Affiliates has analytic tools for deciphering the traffic coming to our site and are notified immediately of abusive traffic. If you come across such abuse, please contact us. Traffic arriving from message boards and/or forums is also unacceptable at NetHive Affiliates. All traffic directed to us from these platforms will be automatically redirected to another location. It is unfortunate that we must take these actions, but the amount of abusive players sent to us via message boards and forums overwhelms the casinos’ customer support team and impairs their efficiency.

What percentage of the profits will I get from advertising your clients?

The percentage varies between each type of client – Casino or Poker. You can find a full listing of our commission tables on the Revenue page.

How do I track my commission payments?

Your statistics are available online around the clock. Just log in with your username and password to our secure affiliate stats page where you can view your earnings and other relevant statistics.

What information is available on my "stats page"?

NetHive Affiliates provides in-depth statistical analysis, including the exact numbers of impressions, clicks, downloads, sign-ups of Real and Fun money accounts and your percentage of the profits. These statistics enable you to determine which campaigns and marketing strategies are most profitable. 

Am I taking a financial risk by advertising NetHive brands?

While it is possible for the casinos to lose money, the likeliness of this happening is very low and would only be in the short term. All of our clients would assume liability if this were to occur. Rest assured that if your referred players win you will not be asked to reimburse us. We will simply deduct those winnings from your commission balance, but you do not have to pay us back. By partnering with NetHive Affiliates you are joining a profitable program.

Why do my Real money accounts not show up in my commission stats?

If you have referred players that have signed up for a Real money account at, and you find that they fail to show any commission, this means that at the time the stats were last updated, these players had not yet wagered or lost any money. 

How am I paid for poker side games?

Whichever commission structure that is in place on the client where the side games are being played will determine the commission payment that you receive. The commissions structure for each client also includes side games.

How and when do I receive my commission payments?

Commissions will be delivered on the 12th business day of the month following activity. These payments are sent via Bank Draft, Wire Transfer, Neteller, WebMoney, Intercash or Moneybookers (Skrill).

What is the minimum amount that I must earn to receive my commission?

A minimum of $250 (US) must be earned to receive commission payments. Balances that are less than $250 will be withheld until a future pay period when the minimum amount has been accrued. 

When can I expect to receive my commission statements?

Commission statements are sent out on the 6th business day of the month following activity.

Are there processing fees for my commission payments?

Processing fees are never deducted from your NetHive Affiliates commissions. 

What should I do if I am having problems logging into

After double checking the accuracy of your username and password, check that your browser is set to accept Cookies. On your main browser menu go to Tools, then Options, then Privacy and set your computer to accept all Cookies. If you continue to have problems please contact us at:

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us

Customer Support

Our support center is available 24/7 to answer any question you may have.

Feel free to call our international support center at +359-24-007800 or use our toll free UK number: 0800-066-3226.

You can also send us your questions via email to: We’ll do our best to respond asap.

Peronal Account Manager

A dedicated account manager is assigned to each affiliate.

They are here to handle everything from answering your questions to setting up accounts and expediting payments.

Can’t find the contact info? No problem. The information is available once you log in to your account.