Poker Commissions

A prime destination for the world’s poker players, our affiliates rake in the earnings with excellent payment structures. A consistent stream of new conversions and returning players help keep revenue high.


Gross Revenue Share

Winner Poker now offers a new Poker Gross Revenue Share Model, the commissions will be based on your share from poker rake plus poker tournament fees.

Any Bonuses players have received will then be subsequently taken out of your affiliate payment.

1st Month 90% gross revenue share 30% revenue share on side games
2nd Month 80% gross revenue share 30% revenue share on side games
3rd Month 75% gross revenue share 30% revenue share on side games
4th Month onwards 55% gross revenue share 25% revenue share on side games
  • Affiliate that has high volume traffic will be offered a better deal for the 4th month and on.
  • In order to be eligible for the 90/80/70% Poker Gross deal, we require a minimum of 10 RFD players every month for the first 3 months.
  • In the Poker Gross deal we will pay 65% from the Gross during your first 3 months. In the 4th month we will calculate and pay the additional revenue of the first 3 months, 25% for the first month, 15% for the second and 5% for the 3rd.
  • For more information please contact your account managers.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) offers its affiliates a very competitive CPA commission rate for real depositing poker players. You will receive a guaranteed flat rate for every new depositing player that you refer. The more players you bring, the more money per player you make. This structure delivers commission regardless of whether the player you referred wins or loses.

1 to 10 players $70 per player
11 to 20 players $80 per player
21 to 30players $95 per player
31 to 40players $120 per player
41 to 50players $135 per player
51 players and up $150 per player