Casino Commissions

Our premier online and mobile casino brands give us a far reach. Promote these products today and start earning top commissions in no time.


25%-45% Revenue Share

This is an ongoing partnership, where you continuously receive profit as long as your players keep playing. Quite simply – the more traffic you send, the more you earn. Receive between 25%-45% of the earnings generated from players you refer.

1 – 9 players 25%
10 – 49 players 30%
50 – 99 players 35%
100 – 499 players 40%
500 players and up 45%

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

This structure guarantees a flat rate for every depositing player that you refer to our casinos. When choosing the CPA structure, the more players you bring, the more money per player you make. This structure delivers commission whether your players win or lose.

Unless otherwise specified, the default commission structure for casino affiliates is 25% Revenue Share.

1 – 10 players $75 per player
11 – 30 players $100 per player
31 – 40 players $125 per player
41 – 50 players $150 per player
51 – 60 players $175 per player
61 – 70 players $200 per player
71 – 90 players $225 per player
91 players and up $250 per player

Hybrid Deals

Every affiliate has different needs and we will work with you to determine which commission plan suits you best.
Hybrid deals are customized to combine Revenue Share and Cost Per Acquisition. For websites that generate targeted traffic, it is in our interest to meet your needs to the fullest extent. For example: you can earn 25% commission + a CPA of $20 to $40 per player.